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Who we are

SKYMAGIC is a world leading performance drone show company.

We are a team of pioneers, voyagers and storytellers.
We are international. We are risk averse.

Our diverse team has over 15 years' experience within the global entertainment industry and UAV swarm technology. We work with clients to unlock the most creative approach to telling their stories. We are flexible and collaborative. Whether we are working within a busy show environment or taking centre stage and flying solo the story and how we help tell it remains at the heart of what we do. Our customised fleet of dynamic, autonomously flown outdoor and indoor drones are each mounted with a super bright RGB pixel and deployed via a single ground control station across our proprietary, state-of-the-art flight software. Launched high into the night sky or within an enclosed venue, our swarm formation performance drones execute a range of stunning 3D displays and mesmerising choreographic sequences to dazzling effect.

Let us tell your story…

Outdoor drone Shows

SKYMAGIC offer a versatile, dynamic and creative outdoor offering with a large inventory that allows us to deliver a range of bespoke and complex choreographies. We work hand in hand with the client throughout pre-production to finesse the pre-visualisation. Once signed off this becomes our 'fly file' ensuring complete confidence that what has been signed off is what they will see in the sky.

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Indoor Drone Shows

SKYMAGIC has a nimble, indoor performance drone fleet, offering clients an original and impressive opportunity to compliment a range of activations including automotive launches, customer events and large scale, set piece conferences.

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Customised Drones

SKYMAGIC are continuously exploring opportunities to develop the inventory. Our R&D technicians look to exploit and advance our performance drone offering from customised 'skins' to mounting pyro and LED to our platforms.


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