Getting started knowing SKY MAGIC

Who we are?

Sky Magic is a startup technology company, started the drone show business in 2015.
Sky Magic’s team has proven itself as an accountable, robust, and world-leading provider of both outdoor and indoor drone shows. The team comprises of experienced engineers and talents who have been involved in the UAV industry with various specialization backgrounds, equipped with hardware design & manufacturing, marketing, and architectural knowledge. We believe that drones show can be deeply integrated into cultural ceremonies, live entertainment, inaugurations, brand experiences and a variety types of events. With our cutting-edge drone show technology, we bring amazing live drone show performances to audiences all over the world.

How is the drone controlled?

Swarming drone is controlled by a single terminal which is a GCS (ground control station). For redundancy, a second backup GCS is always standing by to take over.
For outdoor performance, every drone has GPS and IMU sensors to help it position itself. For indoor, motion capture cameras or UWB technology provide the positioning information to the drones.

What is the Drone show duration?

The maximum flight time, including the take-off and landing phases is approximately 20 minutes. Maximum 10 mins of choreographed drone show is proposed (with ambient temperature of around 25 degree Celcius).

Can you fly in any weather?

Unfortunately, NO…The drone shows will not be performed in severe weather conditions,
(a) Windy condition with constant wind speed greater 8m/s.
(b) Sand storm or thunderstorm
(c) Snow or heavy rain
(d) Extreme environments like flood and typhoon
(e) Environment temperature lower than 0 degrees Celsius or higher than 40 degrees Celsius

What if the weather is terrible before the show?

Unforunately, the show may be canceled, suspended or delayed due to acts of nature.
Sky Magic will monitor the weather conditions and determine if the conditions are suitable 30 mins before the show. Sky Magic recommends preparing a backup plan last minute cancelations due to unsuitable weather conditions.

How big place do you need for Drone show?

At least 25m x 25m flat area for taking-off/landing is needed for 100 drones for example. Exact size depends on the number of drones. There should be no obstructions, such as any walls, structures or trees, within 30m of the take-off place.
A 100-drone show typically requires a performance volume of diameter 300m in the air. A larger drone show can also be customised to create the wow factor for the audience. Sky Magic drone show is scalable and is not limited by the number of the drones.

Can you customize Drone show?

YES, we provide full custom drone show for each customer. Tell us your event concept and music you want to use, and we create the unique choreography for your special event. There are limitless opportunities of usage, eg with dancers, equip them with cladding, etc. Any challenging ideas are welcome and let’s create Magic show that nobody has ever seen before.

What is the production schedule of Drones show from beginning to end?

1. Tell us your idea and message(preferably via phone call or video call)
2. Briefing of your requirement(~3 months before the show)
3. Site visiting (~2 month before the show)
4. Apply for necessary permissions
5. Contract and acceptance (~2 month before the show )
6. Choreography design of drone show (6 weeks before the show)
7. Simulation or test flight
8. Shipping to event location (2-3 weeks before the show)
9. Rehearsal at show location (7 days before the show)
10. Show Day!

How much does Drone show cost?

The cost for drone show will depend on several factors such as the number of drones, complexity of show choreography, location environment, performance frequency etc. Do not be hesitate to tell us your magical show idea for a quotation.

For future questions,

Please feel free to contact us! Tell your story and we welcome any opportunity or collaboration. Let’s make MAGIC together!