SKYMAGIC is proud to introduce its re-optimised, indoor performance drone fleet. Our custom-made, palm-sized drones can be deployed within a range of indoor venues. From conference centres to exhibition halls and arenas to closed roof stadiums, they offer clients an intimate, dynamic and captivating live entertainment experience – up close and personal.

Operationally smooth and responsive, complete with smart charging stations, our indoor drone show offering challenges conventional thinking and provides our clients with a truly amazing platform to tell their stories.

SKYMAGIC is proud and excited to be at the forefront of the indoor drone show market, delivering the next generation of live entertainment.

customised drones


Size: motor to motor is 106 mm

Weight: 55.7 grams

Performance time: c.5 mins

Equipped with high-intensity full RGB lights

Safety design: propeller guards, E-stop and land

Maximum speed: 3 m/s horizontal, 3 m/s ascending, 2m/s descending

Minimum formation spacing: 1m



Using our in-house ultra-wideband (UWB) software, our indoor fleet can perform one-off shows through to resident shows.  Using a robust positional system, we can achieve super stable coverage across spaces up to 70m x 70m x 70m. This allows us to create dynamic 3D movements with a tracking error of less than 5cm.




Operationally nimble and straight forward, our smart charging stations can be deployed within the take-off area of any given indoor environment. Each station docks 4 drones ensuring that the fleet are optimised and on charge during any downtime.

Timeline of Production

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