The Story

SKYMAGIC transformed the night sky into a Greggs universe, celebrating the launch of the epic Festive Bake as never before.

The stars aligned above Greggs’ Newcastle Bakery as we created a gastronomic galaxy – launching a space adventure inspired by the likes of retro NASA launches, Kubrick’s Space Odyssey and Thunderbirds. Playful interactions between the drone-formed delicacies and celestial elements brought a light-hearted touch to the spectacle, perfectly matching the tone of Greggs’ wider campaign.

The eccentric display formed the basis of a viral video, created by Sodium Films, which attracted wide-spread attention across social media platforms, obtaining a reach of more than 7.4 million across Greggs channels within the first 30 days.

The unique collaboration exemplifies the boundless potential of drones to draw spectacle across both live and digital landscapes; redefining the future of brand launches.

LocationNewcastle, UK
Drone Count500
It’s all completely ridiculous and absurd. But that’s entirely the point.”
NameKevin Windsor
RoleCreative Moment