The Story

SKYMAGIC worked closely with Identity to create magical drone moments at the strike of midnight, as part of the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

As crowds lined the Thames, the show kicked off with a swirling portal, counting down to midnight amidst the stars. George The Poet’s words amplified the eco-message of our drone dandelion, as seeds rode the unseen wind. In a snapshot of joy and wonder, ‘What a Wonderful World’ echoed across London alongside the whimsical vision of a carefree child blowing bubbles across the river. In a unique fusion of drones and pyrotechnics, each bubble blown was burst by the glistening sparks of Titanium Fireworks, kickstarting the celebrations with a bang.

Broadcast live across the country, the wider piece journeyed through pivotal moments of the year, from the King’s Coronation to commemorating the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush generation.

Images courtesy of GLA – Ben Broomfield


LocationLondon, UK
Drone Count600