The Story

SKYMAGIC were commissioned by Sela to create a drone show in anticipation of NUFC’s historic clash against PSG, boldly marking the club’s long-awaited return to the Champions League.

NUFC fans flocked to St James’ Park to witness 500 drones take flight. The unique performance began with a powerful magpie soaring upwards; an elegant homage to the creature that so iconically embodies the Newcastle spirit. The celestial creature swirled and soared, heralding a tale of resurgence whilst the luminous words “WE’RE BACK” echoed into the expanse. 

Not only a prelude to a magnificent victory against PSG, the show encapsulated the resilience, history, and undying spirit of Newcastle United. 

This show was intentionally crafted to be distinct, revolving entirely around content tailored for capture on social media platforms. We witnessed a surge of engagement from NUFC fans who eagerly watched and shared the content, keeping alive the momentum of the win even after the game. 

This was all made possible by the many talented teams involved, including  CSM Sport & Entertainment, Sodium Films and  Upper Cut Productions Ltd.

LocationNewcastle, UK
Drone Count500