The Story

SKYMAGIC were honoured to be invited back to Dubai Shopping Festival for the third consecutive year, performing two captivating drone shows every night for audiences.

As the pages of a magical book unfurl in the sky, the first performance guides viewers through an enchanting fairytale, designed in collaboration with the talented Emirati animator Mohammed Saeed Harib. Often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Gulf,’ this radiant gem becomes the focal point of the tale, embodying not only wealth and prosperity but also the essence of Dubai’s captivating allure. Glistening particles of the book are dispersed and reformed throughout the story, brought to life by wistful narration.

The second show follows the adventure of a space explorer who steps into the future, entering through an opening in the sky. From soaring through the Hyperloop to racing a flying taxi, witness the cityscape evolve into a transfixing blend of sustainable urban spaces and advanced transportation systems.

ClientDubai Department of Economy and Tourism
LocationDubai, UAE
Drone Count800