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SKYMAGIC is the world’s leading drone light show company, based in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the USA. We are an award-winning team of creatives, technologists and storytellers.

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Harnessing the abilities of drone light technology, we conjure stories in the sky, moving and entertaining audiences across the globe.

From formation through to trajectory design, we enable our clients multiple touch points for input, whilst also providing creative guidance and direction.

Stories, and how we tell them, are at the heart of what we do.


Our unique, proprietary show design software and hardware has been developed to control swarm drone flight formations for both outdoor and indoor shows, bringing art and technology together in the most unique way possible.

We have developed our own system to utilise a suite of programming environments that generate smooth and collision-free trajectories, simulate flight data and embed creative lighting design.

Our diverse team spans 3D design, illustration, technology, robotics, aeronautical engineering, logistics, live events, marketing, content creation, and PR to create memorable shows that use the world’s largest canvas: the sky.


We work globally and have delivered shows in over 25 different territories around the world since launching in 2015.

As the primary drone show company operating in the Middle East, having performed the highest number of shows, we are also the first company to deliver drone light shows in the United Kingdom, Morocco, Japan, Switzerland, and Azerbaijan. With over 11,000 flying hours and counting, we have set world records telling stories to billions of people globally.

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