Three is the Magic Number

Date 28.10.20

Covid-19 and the ensuing global pandemic has tested and challenged every one of us over the last eight months, with no respite in sight. It has forced Governments, businesses, families and individuals from every corner of the globe to be receptive, resilient and resourceful. The magic three attributes…

SKYMAGIC is no different and we have worked diligently to ensure the wellbeing of our staff during this challenging period. It is often said that during times of adversity you learn a lot about yourself and those around you. This is never truer than in business, when leadership is exposed to the full glare of scrutiny and your staff show their true colours – and they have never shone brighter.

Like so many in the global entertainment industry our project pipeline burst a leak in March with not a single show delivered over the last eight months. Thrust into this unprecedented landscape, the Senior Management Team were faced with levelling up the needs and wellbeing of our staff with the wider and fundamental business need – survival.

We took the view that we were stronger together, united in a common cause to keep SKYMAGIC at the forefront of people’s thinking as clients transformed their plans through 2020. Drawing on the very same innovation, creativity and drive that formed the bedrock of SKYMAGIC’S emergence into the swarm drone light show market, we have worked tirelessly to help clients imagine new ways of delivering content utilising our unique offering.

Our decision to unite and protect jobs has paid huge dividends, with the team demonstrating the very best qualities a business could wish for.  Everyone has worked tirelessly to get us back on track and we are delighted that the third R – Resourceful – has been rewarded with three brand new shows in Q4 of 2020.  During these challenging times for live events, these forthcoming shows demonstrate the versatility of our offer, celebrating both the live experience and also the broadcast one. We are thrilled to stand up for the live events industry and light up the skies to show that if people can’t get out – we’ll bring the shows to them.

We all hope 2021 sees a change in fortune. 2021 will also herald a giant leap forward in SKYMAGIC’s technical offering. We have not stopped since launching in 2015 so this period off has afforded us the chance to take a breath, invigorate our R&D in both our software and hardware. We have made great progress, allowing us to expand our offering. So, watch out for some big announcements in Q1/Q2 next year!

As Directors it has been humbling to observe our team and lightened the burden of navigating through these choppy seas. The storm has yet to pass, however we have an amazing group of receptive, resilient and resourceful humans helping to the light the way.


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