By Emily Wallace — February 5, 2020

What a fantastic evening last week at the Festival Supplier Awards 2020!

We were in good company – surrounded by industry leaders across the Festival landscape that cover every aspect of making world-class outdoor events.

The entire SKYMAGIC team were delighted to have been shortlisted in two categories ‘Best Visual Spectacular’ and ‘Best Technology Supplier’. This was our first time at the Festival Supplier Awards and what an amazing time we had.

We are proud to have been selected as the winner for the ‘Best Visual Spectacular’ award following our series of drone light shows at Switzerland’s leading summer extravaganza – Zürich Festival.

The 150 drone show was specifically designed with 3D formations, allowing the entire audience the opportunity to view the spectacular performance from every position around the lake.

Creative Director of SKYMAGIC Patrick O’Mahony commented, “This was a creatively ambitious and logistically complex project but a thoroughly enjoyable one too! EWZ and the Zurich Festival were very clear about what they wanted to achieve and the story they wanted us to help tell. Using our proprietary 3D animation suite, we designed choreography rich in colour and dynamic movement. Our in-house trajectory simulation software ensured we not only filled every inch of our large performance window with motifs up to 220m in width and 500ft above the lake, but also comprehensive safety analysis. SKYMAGIC prides itself on creative excellence and seamless live delivery and the team surpassed themselves!”

The Festival weekend was historical for Zürich Festival and EWZ, this was the first-time a large-scale festival had turned to drone technology to deliver a striking visual spectacular that could be seen up to 1km away. Our drone light shows shone bright above the skies of Zürich, creating a huge sense of excitement for all to enjoy and feel a part of.

We would like to give a huge thank you to the Festival Supplier Awards and of course our clients – EWZ and Zürich Festival!

SKYMAGIC look forward to telling more stories at Festivals worldwide…

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