Drone light shows

By Bob Weihua — July 2, 2020


Over recent years the landscape of drone light show technology has rapidly advanced. When we founded SKYMAGIC back in 2015, there were only a small handful of companies delivering this new and innovative technology. Today, drone shows are slowly but surely becoming a key part of entertainment at global events across the world.

At SKYMAGIC, technology is at the heart of what we do. Our team has over 15 years’ experience within the global entertainment industry and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) swarm technology. From designing our own bespoke indoor and outdoor drones, to creating our own proprietary software, we continue to push the boundaries of technological performance. All of which is driven by our passion to design and innovate.

Since our entrance onto the world stage, it has become very clear that the world of drone light shows is everchanging and continues to evolve and grow both creatively and technologically. From a technology point of view, I believe that the safety of shows is and will continue to be redefined, such as reducing the risk of accidents per show, how to recover drones during an emergency and more. Then, if we look at the overall visual effect of drone performances, this is a key part of our offering that we are continuing to take to the next level through our technology. With the on-going development of technologies such as RTK (Real Time Kinematics), this will greatly improve the density of drone formations and then naturally the number of drones will increase – both resulting in a much more accurate and precise visual for audiences to see.

We also need to consider other forms of drone light shows. At SKYMAGIC, we are always continuing our in-house drone development which involves a wide range of performances from outdoor LED, indoor LED and even pyro drones. We are the only company to have all three offerings and it is our goal to continue to evolve existing fleets such as outdoor, but also introduce new advancements in the industry for clients across the world.

— Written by

Bob Weihua

— Date

July 2, 2020

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