International Women’s Day 2022

By Hitomi Uematsu — March 8, 2022

When I started SKYMAGIC, there were very few women working in the drone industry. It was tough, I experienced some anxiety and worked hard to bring our vision to life.

By working ​one step at a time, with a strong passion, courage and patience, I found a way to overcome the gender bias, and uncover equal opportunities for global business. Since then, I have accomplished a lot as a female leader, including being appointed the award of ‘Entrepreneurial Honouree’ at​ ​Women to Watch​ 2019 in UAS.

I am proud to have powerful female leaders within SKYMAGIC, who take an initiative to create and deliver amazing drones shows across diverse territories. Since we were established in 2015, we have been at the forefront of the industry and remain one of the world’s leading drone show companies.  I am grateful to my team for listening, understanding and dreaming of our success together.

A life quote that I advocate for, to all leaders, entrepreneurs and hard-working women:

“Love your life you live, Live your life you love, Be yourself.”

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