Shining a light on the world we live in

By Hitomi Uematsu — October 1, 2020


I was always inspired by the world of art and technology, wondering how to fuse the two together in a way that is completely unique and ground-breaking. That is what led me and a group of similarly like-minded people to start SKYMAGIC. My years of experience beforehand working in advertising opened my eyes to the power brands enjoyed when they were bold and ambitious in how they positioned themselves which led me to a eureka moment – that the largest canvas in the world hadn’t been fully explored. The sky.

SKYMAGIC needed to make an entrance when arriving into the market. I looked at a range of locations that would afford us the right backdrop and environment to tell our story and then it struck me – Mt. Fuji. Leveraging this iconic landmark would offer us an inventive and attention-grabbing opportunity to present our drone offering whilst shinning a new light on a world heritage site.

The juxtaposition of new and old, setting cutting edge technology against this ancient site, mixing traditional Shamisen players performing in harmony with our innovative performance drones was simply stunning. This show opened up our eyes to the potential of showcasing key landmarks and places of historic, natural beauty in a fresh and compelling fashion.

Since that performance in 2015, that announced our arrival onto the scene, we have delivered performances in over 20 cities across 10 countries, introducing drone light shows to countries that have never seen anything like it before, not to mention setting world records along the way. Over this time, we have perfected the art of delivering a spectacle that speaks to multiple cultures globally, connecting people in a way like never before.

In a world where live entertainment is constantly being redefined, it is important to view drone light shows not just as a moment in the present of a show but also a unique way of creating shareable content. And as we all grapple with the global pandemic and the restrictions on our thirst for travel and discovery we can help capture and promote famous landmarks around the world bringing these extraordinary locations to life in a truly unique way. We can offer brands, tourist boards, festivals and beyond this pioneering storytelling platform to create marketing content that stretches far beyond the lifecycle of the performance itself.

As our team and I look to the future, we firmly believe that we offer a very persuasive tool to help tell stories that will last a lifetime. SKYMAGIC are ready to design and deliver bespoke performances that tell your story in a dynamic and captivating way.

We very much look forward to working with you and returning to the skies soon…

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