SKYMAGIC take to the skies of Japan at the Yokohama Stadium

By Emily Wallace — August 2, 2019

SKYMAGIC, one of the world’s leading performance drone companies, designed and delivered a series of mesmerising drone light shows at the YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS summer game match ‘YOKOHAMA STAR☆NIGHT’, performing in front of an ecstatic live crowd within the Yokohama Stadium, which will be a part of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The leading Japanese baseball team – the YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS – invited SKYMAGIC back for the second year running to deliver a number of unique drone performances exclusively for the after show. The innovative performances told the story of an iconic Japanese sporting team, that is bringing its fans along on their journey to victory – in a way never seen before in the sporting world.

SKYMAGIC’s creative team designed the show to perfectly match the event concept of outer space. The clever use of SKYMAGIC’s dynamic performance drones resulted in a stunning display from inside the stadium – which symbolised a space ship – lifting the audience up high into the night sky, taking everyone on a journey deep into space.

The atmosphere was magical, allowing the audience to feel as though they were inside a galactic style theme park. From the iconic Galaxy Vortex, to the Milky Way the performance drone show transported the audience to a number of planets and stars until reaching the final destination – the most recognised symbol at this event – the BayStars team planet logo.

Technical Director of SKYMAGIC Chiew Soon Hooi said,“We always strive to push the boundaries of artistic and technical performance and we certainly delivered on this. Live sporting shows such as these are completely individual with new challenges and limitations, meaning that as a team we must be agile and reactive based on the last-minute results of a game. This was the first time we have delivered shows over three consecutive days, which is an exciting prospect for us moving forward with future shows. We very much look forward to returning to sporting events worldwide.”

The summer game match was filled with celebrations as the YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS rose to victory after winning all three games. The series of SKYMAGIC drone shows were a perfect way for the sporting team to tell their story, bringing a whole new level of entertainment to sporting events worldwide.

SKYMAGIC have now unlocked the door to a new world of entertainment within the sporting industry. Brands and teams worldwide can now look to SKYMAGIC drone light shows as a way to tell their story and transport their fans both live in stadiums and at home, on a journey that is truly unforgettable.

Project Director of SKYMAGIC Hitomi Uematsu said,“It was a great pleasure to be back with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars delivering a series of drone light shows for their summer game match. Our goal was to evolve what we had previously delivered in 2018, designing a new creative that has never been done before. It was very exciting to feel the amazement from the huge crowds within the stadium, and to allow them to be a part of the team’s celebrations”.

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