SKYMAGIC In-house systems

SKYMAGIC has been at the forefront of swarm drone technology since its launch in 2015. Our team of experts are amongst the very best in their field drawing on a range of skills and disciplines including robotics, 3D environment simulation and aeronautical engineering.

SKYMAGIC’s proprietary system has been developed to control mass drone flight formations for both outdoor and indoor, allowing for the simultaneous control of thousands of performance drones from a single ground control system (GCS). The system utilises a suite of programming environments used to generate smooth and collision-free trajectories, simulate flight data, safety limit analysis and creative lighting programming.

We have designed and implemented software and hardware for both indoor and outdoor applications, which includes our in-house cutting-edge autopilot system and drone show technology.

The LED light source is also a custom design to provide a perfect balance of super bright output visible from over 2km and power consumption to maximise flight duration. Our drones are each fitted with 9 LED’s housed in a frosted dome on the underside of the vehicle. The Lumen value generated by each drone is 900.

Technical brochure coming soon...