A dazzling 3-minute swarm formation drone show weaving a suite of bespoke choreographic transitions into the shows cosmic narrative.

— Client

Mydan LLC / HQWS

— Location

Dubai, UAE

The Brief

SKYMAGIC were briefed by the Chairman of Meydan – via the reputable live events agency HQWS – to design and deliver a bespoke, swarm formation drone show to provide a captivating aerial branding and light show finale to the DWC Closing Ceremony.

Event Statistics

The Dubai World Cup is billed as the biggest sporting and social occasion on the Dubai calendar, with the $30m race day held at Meydan Stadium on the last Saturday in March. More than 60,000 race goers, breeders and trainers attended Meydan Stadium in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The Dubai World Cup was also shared with a global television audience of millions.


The Outcome

Working with the show producers we created a stunning 3-minute formation drone show weaving key messaging and brand imagery – DWC letters, a Falcon and an Arabian horse motif – into the shows cosmic narrative. Utilising 80 customised drones – each carrying a remotely programmable LED light on board the platform’s undercarriage – we created a series of shapes and sequences over 100m in width at an altitude of 400ft above ground level filling the sky above the world’s widest LED screen.

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